Friday, July 17, 2009

Foreigner Back With TRIPLE VISION 3 Disc Set Soon

The pop rock group Foreigner, who were one of the better top forty groups of the 70's and 80's will be back with a great new 3 disc set in mid-September that will include 13 new songs, a Dolby 5.1 stereo live performance DVD, and some cool remixes of their old classics such as "Cold As Ice", "Hot Blooded" and "Urgent". Rhino Entertainment will release the set, so you know that the sound and mastering quality will be top flight. And the price will only be a very reasonable $12. The only hitch is that only WalMart of all places will sell this pretty decent product.

TRIPLE VISION might become the working title for this upcoming package, although the title could change by the actual release date. But the two Cd and one DVD package concept seems firm for this great idea to repackage an old 70's and 80's band to this new generation as well as give old fans a great package to enjoy and give a spin or two on their Cd player or DVD unit.

Unfortunately, it looks like former front man and lead singer Lou Gramm is not playing with the current band called Foreigner. So his fans will have to enjoy the older songs on the album, and try to live with the new songs lead by replacement Kelly Hansen. Lou Gramm was a great vocalist, with a great style, and will be missed. Yet there should still be plenty of good stuff here to enjoy, especially fresh remixes of the old hits sung by Gramm. This group did seem to comprise a great union of British and American top forty rock.

While Foreigner hasn't had much of anything new in years playing on the radio, still the band comprised one of the better top forty rock acts at one time. A two disc greatest hits albums by them is surprisingly enjoyable, and one of my better loved Cds in my collection for some odd reason. Maybe, the fact that the band could write reasonably good material and was tight musically with great vocals made them seem reasonable enough for me. Foreigner was always a pretty fair band in my estimation for what they were. They weren't the Stones, Dylan, Doors or Hendrix. But they were a darn good act. And they did survive a few other nearly forgotten 1980's rock acts such as April Wine or others at one time.

Heck, for a mere $12, I'm going to have to buy this Cd set once it comes out. I'd strongly recommend that you do the same. It looks to be a great package, well worth the small price for so much great music and memories.