Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Halloween Videos: SIDE SHO

Here's a film that sure would like to be THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, TRAILER PARK OF TERROR, or a few other better films, but certainly isn't. But on the other hand it's a pretty fair slice of slasher film horror garbage that will entertain you just enough for Halloween eve.

A suburban family decides to take in an off the beaten path old Side Show on a Southern Road and instead ends up becoming victims of inbred screwballs from a long-forgotten Southern prison camp who continue to live there. And the family faces horror after after horror for making their bad choice to visit this broken-down off road tourist attraction.

By the way, SHO is short for SHOW, because the "W" is missing on the broken down sign on this long run down tourist trap attraction.

Certainly not any great film by any means, yet creepy enough to satisfy most viewers. Verdict: Fair+


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