Saturday, October 25, 2008

The News For The McCain Campaign Just Keeps Growing Worse

Well, if anything the news for the McCain Campaign has been nothing but bad for the last three days starting with all of the revelations of the huge clothes and makeup budget for Sarah Palin, and news yesterday that Sarah Palin's makeup artist is now the highest paid McCain Campaign staffer earning far more than any strategist or economic policy staffer by far. Not only does Sarah Palin's expensive tastes in $2,500 blouses and $75.000 one day shopping sprees at Sach's Fifth Avenue seem like an abuse of the intentions of GOP donors, but it puts some real chill between many women voters and the McCain Campaign as being nothing like them and not feeling their pain in this bad economy.

But the bad news for McCain doesn't just stop there. Yesterday it was revealed that McCain volunteer, Ashley Todd, made up the racist story that she was robbed and attacked by an African American man with an Obama bumper sticker on his car. This only brought more disgrace to the McCain Campaign on top of the Sarah Palin story about her high priced taste in clothes and makeup.

But the problems didn't just don't end there either. John McCain's brother, Joe McCain, made a crazy call to 9/11 complaining about traffic conditions near his home and sweared at the operator, and then promptly resigned his position with the McCain Campaign yesterday after the disgrace he caused by his erratic and goofy behavior.

And word is a new NEWSWEEK poll has McCain down by 13 points, while both Rasmussen and Gallup both have McCain losing ground and falling behind by 8 points.

The fact of the matter is that this campaign by John McCain has simply been the very worst presidential campaign probably ever run. The McCain Campaign has never really had a real central message, it's ads have been attacked as largely misleading or false by truth squads, and the campaign has been plagued by one goofy personality after another including Sarah Palin's own inability to answer interviews with intelligent answers as well as John McCain's own angry and erratic debate performances.

In short, so far this McCain Campaign has made the disastrous presidential campaigns of both George McGovern and Michael Dukakis look almost masterful by comparison. It is highly likely the actual vote will reflect this awfulness and this election is unlikely to be all that close as some polls might have once suggested. But Obama voters cannot take this for granted. The biggest surprise would be a victory by McCain after this worst possible effort. That would be a huge shocker.


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