Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell's Endorsement Of Barack Obama Proves A Consensus For A Moderate Government And Foreign Policy Ready To Regain World Respect

Former Secretary Of State and Former General Colin Powell's endorsement Of Barack Obama is an important message to the nation that Barack Obama will have a centrist moderate government that is trustworthy by bringing in a wide cross-section of the most talented and wise leaders to tackle the critical problems that face the nation. It is a sure sign that Barack Obama has built bridges of support that transcend party lines to attract such a talented and wise leader such as Gen. Powell who had grave misgivings about America's road to war in Iraq in 2003 and the failures of the Bush Administration in so many other critical areas such as dealing with Iran. It is sure sign that Barack Obama is not only far more trustworthy on foreign policy matters than John McCain, but also that he will bring in important consultants from all political viewpoints and develop a centrist foreign policy that will once again strengthen America's image abroad. It's sure sign that America will rebound in world respect with Barack Obama's steady leadership in foreign policy.

There are few acts that are as reassuring than Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama. Colin Powell is a political moderate who is one of America's most wise leaders by far. By including important leaders like this in his foreign policy consultations, Barack Obama has proven that his government will only act wisely in critical foreign policy decisions and will only provide a steady hand of moderate and centrist consensus leadership if some crisis situation should arise.

Unfortunately, John McCain's three failing debate performances just did not display that same steady hand of leadership that Americans would expect in a president. By contrast, Barack Obama's calm and steady demeanor well proves his presidential qualities and calm ability to deal with any issues. What the American public saw in Barack Obama was a steady and calm leader more than able to deal with any problem that faces the U.S. in the next four years.

But Barack Obama brings so much more as well. There's his superior intelligence along with his occasional keen sense of wit and charm that only reminds many of us so well of the intelligence, wit and charm of President John Kennedy. And Barack Obama seemed to grow with every debate performance into someone more and more presidential each time out. Even many of John McCain's voters could see the extremely impressive leadership skills in Barack Obama and a sense of his destiny to become a great American leader.

As the American economy slips into crisis mode and some of the most dangerous days may lay ahead, it is so important to change direction from the failed Republican economic policies common to both George Bush and John McCain. Barack Obama has among his friends and advisors some of the greatest economic minds in the nation such as those like billionaire Warren Buffet who knows more than a thing or two about how the economy works. Counting on the wise advice of economic sages like this proves that Barack Obama will bring in the very best minds to fix the economy.

Barack Obama will masterfully deal with both the economy and foreign policy, unlike John McCain who will only continue what isn't working in these areas. Barack Obama's change in these areas is a change for the best, not just a change for the sake of change.

Colin Powell's endorsement is sure sign that the keys to the kingdom are in good hands with Barack Obama at the helm. It is a sure endorsement of the leader most qualified to be president by far.

Barack Obama has a destiny to be a great president. Make room on Mt. Rushmore.


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