Saturday, October 25, 2008

Great Halloween Videos: TRAILER PARK OF TERROR

If you have the stomach for a great sick Halloween video, then you can't go wrong with the absolutely outrageous and thoroughly trashy TRAILER PARK OF TERROR DVD which is fresh out on the market and available for both sale and rental right in time for Halloween. The DVD includes both the R rated theatrical version as well as an even worse Unrated version.

Boy oh boy, is this an outrageous film. It's based off the Imperium Comics series in which a trashy young thing, Norma, wants revenge on her trailer camp neighbors after her boyfriend is accidentally killed during a fight with the a couple of the trailer park weirdos. Norma meets up with the devil on the highway, who is played by country music star Trace Adkins, who supplies her with an semiautomatic weapon, and she goes on a killing spree in the trailer park. Then after taking every life she blows herself up and destroys the trailer park in a fiery propane explosion.

But the story sure doesn't end there. At least ten years later, a group of troubled teenagers led by a youth pastor who is taking them to a Bible camp to reform their ways has an accident with the church van on the highway, and the only help nearby is the trailer park which mysteriously reappears from all the destruction, and Norma who is now a few years older appears just as pretty as before, yet strangely creepy. Soon the horrible truth reviews itself that Norma is leading a group of living dead at the trailer park who murder the teenagers in grisly and disgusting fashions.

And Norma's seeming beauty is merely a collection of faces and constant repairs she must perform on herself to appear beautiful as she is a horribly disfigured and an insane murderous personality.

This is one sick puppy of a movie. And if you can hold down your lunch during scenes like one zombie making beef jerky out of a teenager, makes for great creepy gross-out Halloween fun for sure. This movie is so outrageous and over the top that it's actually great fun and a perverse classic of sorts. Above average darn good fun. Good+


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