Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Halloween Videos: TRAPPED ASHES

Even though TRAPPED ASHES was actually filmed in 2006, only more recently has this pretty entertaining horror tale anthology be seen on DVD and at video rental stores. And with some great talents like director Ken Russell involved, you know that this is a great effort.

This film can be roughly compared to some classic films such as the 1972 British horror anthology film TALES FROM THE CRYPT where some persons with sordid lives become trapped and the horror of their lives is revealed to all present. In this way both films are morality tales, yet with several stories to choose from, both films offer a wide variety of tales tailored to different tastes for the viewer. And TRAPPED ASHES uses different directors such as Ken Russell for different segments as well some Japanese talents, creating a unique and largely successful throwback to the old 1970's horror anthology films like TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

While combining some well known actors like Henry Gibson and John Saxon on one hand, TRAPPED ASHES also brings in a bit more erotic material than most horror genre films generally do these days. There is a more heavy sexual content in this film, making it more adult in taste for sure, yet the stories are creepy and strange enough to satisfy almost any true horror flick fan. And the Japanese influence adds a special flavor to this film which goes in a little less for gore than it does some unique content and ideas that are fresh.

In short, TRAPPED ASHES will delight you. It's a great Halloween season flick, and well worth a watch in this season of creepy films, wild costumes and candy. Verdict:Good


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