Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Return Of The Know Nothing Party

The really annoying ongoing issue with the McCain Campaign and especially their attack dog, Sarah Palin, is their naked appeal to the old "know nothing" coalition that has unfortunately plagued American politics since the 1850's. Instead of making this election a learning experience for the voters where issues are more clearly explained and understood, this election has instead been lowered down to a level of mere dirt ignorance by both Sarah Palin and the McCain Campaign who have deliberately misrepresented issues, positions, and resorted to cheap name calling shots that are hardly any more socially advanced than some 2nd graders on the schoolyard exchanging childish insults.

The appeal to "Joe The Unlicensed Plumber" last week by the McCain Campaign was an appeal to some ignorant working class reactionaries who don't want to understand either the issues or their class position in American society. The American working class reactionary movement is based nearly equally on both prejudice as well as ignorance, and is a sharp contrast to those working people who are struggling to get ahead and who vote their pocketbook and seek to understand the issues. The worst of socially irresponsible big corporations and others certainly benefit when those like "Joe The unlicensed Plumber" are willing to carry their water for them and vote for their class interests rather than their own interests.

Palin continues to call Obama a "Socialist" in her stump speeches merely because he would like to go back to the 1990's 39% tax level compared to the slightly smaller 36% rate currently. Palin never notes that the Obama plan leaves those business interests with net higher incomes with plenty of room to take advantage of new tax breaks by adding new employees or keeping jobs in the U.S.. There is more than enough room for higher income earners to actually cut their taxes under the Obama plan if they so wish. Further any tax increase would have to pass congress, which is probably unlikely to do so for at this time to stimulate the economy and new investment so even a modest tax rate increase from 36-39% for high income earners may actually be very unlikely to ever become law for some time.

The McCain-Palin ticket is simply more of the same old tired and failed Republican policies that have wrecked the economy so far and brought millions of Americans unemployment, poverty, home foreclosures and debt problems. The McCain Campaign's fondness hope is that voters don't understand issues, and this campaign is doing it's very best to cloud and obscure the issues as it possibly can.


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