Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hypocrite Mitt Romney Attacks Hillary Clinton For Her Health Care Proposal, Nearly Identical To The One He Supported In Massachusetts

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is one big hypocrite. He is now attacking the health care proposal from Hillary Clinton that would help to bring uninsured persons health insurance. There is virtualy no difference between the health care proposal that Romney supported as Governor for Massachusetts or the Clinton plan. Both plans require uninsured persons to get health insurance or provides a path such as tax breaks to fund insuring uninsured persons. The only diffrence is that because Romney is running for President, then he must take an opportunity to attack the Clinton plan.

Just like the abortion issue, Gay rights, and many other issues, Romney is on all sides of many issues. This continued hypocrite status as being on all sides of many issues has been one factor that has really hurt Romney. And Romney leaves himself open to more critical attacks with his latest hypocrisy on the health care issue.

Romney looks presidential and is a successful businessman. However his continued issue hypocrisy is indeed hurtful to his image and definately a huge negative to his 2008 presidential efforts.


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