Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Clinton Has Surprising Strength In Some Southern States

One surprising feature of some reliable early state polls is that Hillary Clinton has an excellent chance at being able to capture the electoral votes of some Southern states which is sure to confound the conventional GOP plans to win the presidency by capturing the solid electoral votes from the South as they have done since the 2000 election.

Clinton currently holds a wide double digit lead in Arkansas, a small but healthy lead in Florida, and a narrow lead in the border state of Missouri. On the other hand, Clinton is having a little difficulty nailing down the electoral votes of normally "blue" Oregon,Pennsylvania and Wisconsin due to high voter negative ratings.

And Clinton is lagging behind slightly in Ohio, which has pretty much determined the winner of every election in recent times.

On one hand, Clinton seems poised to knock out her opponents like Barack Obama and John Edwards in an esy fashion, however her strategy to win the November election is a little shaky due to uneven levels of support in some normally Democratic strongholds as well as her high negative ratings. However with her support in some Southern states, Clinton could also be in a good position to win the national election over Fred Thompson who is the current leading GOP candidate despite the failure to participate in even one single debate so far. Thompson currently leads Giuliani by a 28-21% margin in a new Rasmussen poll out just this week. The polls from Rasmussen and Election Projection tend to be the most accurate available anywhere and offer the best possible snapshots of the mood of the electorate at any given point.


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