Monday, September 17, 2007

Global Satellite Company That Broadcasts From Israel Carries Hateful AntiIsrael Programming Throughout The Arab World

Business makes for strange bedfellows, and no business arrangement can be much more strange than an Israeli based global communications company, RRST GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS, which has a quarterly income of $14.7 milion, which accepts all sorts of hateful antiIsraeli programming from Arab networks and broadcasts these programs all throughout the MidEast via satellite.

As many as 48 communications satellites receive programming from RRST, which even includes translation services among the the products it markets. Some Arab networks such al Jazeera purchase services from the Israeli based company as well.

Many in Israel would be deeply surprised that one of their own companies provides many hateful Arab world programs broadcasting space on their satellite network system, and equally many in the Arab world be unhappy to find that an Israeli network is carrying their signal of their favorite antiIsraeli program. Strange world, heh?


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