Friday, September 14, 2007

Bicycles Continue To Top Single Vehicle Accident Rates

Most bicyclists seem to be unaware that single vehicle accidents involving bicyclists are the most common from of accidents for these vehicles. By comparison motorcycle single accident rates are about 25% and automobile less yet.

Many bicylists fail to wear safety helmets, fail to use lights or reflectors for night driving, or run stop signs or red lights, or drive excessively fast with racing type bikes, sometimes capable of speeds exceeding 40mph.

There is a myth among many bicyle riders that automobiles represent the greatest road danger to bicyclists, but it is often the bicycle rider themselves who acount for 67% of all bicycle accidents in which no motor vehicle was involved. In only 33% of all bicycle accidents was a motor vehicle involved.

Better skills riding bicycles are needed by many of the riders including obeying stop signs and red lights, not riding at night, not riding in a dangerous manner where control or balance can be lost.

Bicycles are unlicensed vehicles with no insurance or skills testing required for operation compared to any motorized vehicles which require both testing and insurance. However drivers must carefully follow all the rules of the road to prevent becoming the greatest danger to themselves on the road.


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