Sunday, September 16, 2007

This Feature Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars!

While telemarketers and other businesses such as satellite TV and credit card companies full well know the power of the telephone to both annoy and profit from the public, consumers can use the full power of the telephone to put hundreds of dollars in their pockets in the next year.

The power of the telephone could well be your greatest money saving power tool if used correctly. Here's how:

Buying A Used Car: One of the worst ways to buy a used car is to put yourself at the mercy of the car dealership, and have them wear you down by holding your keys, deposit money, or wasting hours in some waiting room while supposed negotiations with the "manager" are supposedly going on. Put the car dealership at your mercy instead. Walk around a lot and offer a very low price offer on a car you want and give the salesman your home phone number and go home. In most cases the car dealership will call you within an hour and tell you that the car is yours for your low offer. In many cases keeping a trade-in out of the negotiations is better to do and only complicates the "horse-trading". Sell your old car from your home or donate it to charity instead if it isn't worth much. Your home telephone just saved you hundreds on the price of a used car.

Better Credit Card Interest Rates: So many companies are offering credit deals these days that you can call your own credit card companies and tell them about some better offer you can get from another company and ask them to match the deal or you will transfer your account to this other card. Call your credit card companies and do this and you are likely to save big on interest rate cuts to your existing credit cards. You just put hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

Lower Cable TV Rates: There is so much competition from satellite TV these days that you can call your local cable TV provider and tell them about the better deal you can get from them and you will switch unless they reduce your cable TV rates. These companies charge all sorts of different rates for the same service to different customers all the time including free premotions to some. Likely you can cut your cable TV bill from about $60-70 a month down to just about $39 for the very same service that you're now getting. You just saved yorself big money on your cable TV bill.

Your telephone is not only a device to call your friends, but it's also a money saving device when used correctly. It may even be possible to cut your mortgage rates or rent or other savings by using similiar methods as I described above. Your possibility to save big money by using your telephone is nearly limitless.


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