Monday, September 10, 2007

Right Wing Organization Awarded Huge DOJ Grants For Zero Achievement

Even though the religious right wing political organization, Morality In Media, promotes a purely political agenda of imposing it's self-righteous "Talibanlike" values and will on the general public, under the Department Of Justice this screwball political organization has received huge government cash grants in 2005 and 2006 of $150,000 to operate a website,, where right wing cranks can make complaints about a display of Cosmopolitan Magazine at the local grocery store and other wacky issues. Out of 67,000 so-called "obscenity crime" complaints made to this DOJ funded right wing organization, not a single federal conviction for any obscenity offense has resulted so far as of August 2007 from this organization's work.

There are many issues to consider here. This right wing organization has been attacked in scathing features in both THE NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST in more recent times, and the organization's head, Robert W. Peters forced to defend the organization that collects funds from the Department Of Justice, despite zero achievement for much of anything other than setting up a couple of poorly maintained websites and getting government checks from the Ashcroft/Gonzales DOJ. But organizations collecting government funds who accomplish nothing is nothing new for government. Massive spending bills in Congress are often loaded with huge pork spending measures that send money to worthless causes all the time. Far right Republican Representative Frank Wolf(R-VA) added the funding for Morality In Media to various bills over the years. So far Wolf has proposed at least 70 bills since 1997, but so many were so far out of the political mainstream that 46 failed to even make it out of committee and only 12 of the more general bills ever became law. Wolf features a "grant" link on his website, making it far easier for anyone who wants money from government to get it with Wolf's help.

Morality In Media just about summed up their political philosophy when in a recent interview a spokesman for the organization proclaimed that this is a "Christian Nation" in a radio interview. Meanwhile this organization gets big funds from government to worry about banning the latest cover of Cosmopolitan from the local grocery store or some salty language on TV thanks to friends in Congress like Representative Wolf only too willing to fund such a wacky organization of right wing screwballs looking for a government handout.