Monday, April 30, 2007

April Bloody April

It's unknown at this point how those who claim that the "surge" is working in in Iraq will explain or spin this unsettling fact, that April lost 104 American lives, and was the most deadly month yet this year, and the fourth worst month in Iraq so far in the four year old war. So far 3,351 Americans have lost their lives.

And at a time that the Bush Administration proposes cutting food stamp benefits for 189,000 hugry and underfed Americans, the same administration has spent at least $30 on Iraqi reconstruction efforts, with much of the work not completed, or the projects yet not functional. Both clean water and electrical service remain spotty. Garbage continues to buildup in Baghdad streets with many garbage men simply afraid to lose their lives because of the high danger.

Those who want to believe that somehow the Bush war in Iraq is suddenly some success will have real problems explaining all of these dire facts.


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