Friday, April 27, 2007

Russia Suspends CFE Treaty Obligations

In yet another sudden act that signals a growing new Cold War with Russia and the West, Russia has halted their obligations under the CFE Treaty(Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty) to withdrawal their military forces and military bases in Moldova and Georgia. This signals a new serious conflict with NATO.

Also adding to the problems is a conflict with Russia over NATO and U.S. plans to install antimissile bases in former Eastern European states. Russia has responded with loud warnings and new military programs to develop a hypersonic cruise missile and work on a new 10 year project for building a new bomber. Such weapons seem far from normal defensive needs for Russia and are really counter weapons to NATO and U.S. weapons and forces.

While China's relations with the U.S. are very good, despite a huge Chinese buildup of their military fueled by the huge growth of their economy, Russia's hostility with the U.S. and NATO are becoming serious open areas of concern, and are just short of fueling a new open Cold War.


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