Saturday, April 28, 2007

Phantom Zero Pollution Electric Moped - The World's Best $439 Green Vehicle

West Coast Products, a California importer offers what can only be described as the perhaps the world's best zero pollution vehicle for a mere $439 including shipping. The Phantom electric moped is able to travel up to 37 miles on a single 3-6 hour charge. And can travel at 19 miles per hour on electric power, but also includes bicycle petals that also allow you to pedal as well, and you can probably boost the speed up to 25mph or so.

The vehicle actually retails for $1,200. However West Coast Products directly imports these excellent vehicles in huge lots, and is able to pass on the great prices allowing them to offer the vehicles for $439 on Ebay and just $10 more on their company website.

These electric mopeds not only feature excellent and long lasting construction quality. But they also come with a free tool kit for any maintence or repair work ever required. The vehicles even feature a locking trunk compartment big enough for some groceries or water bottle. And there is even a second storage area under the seat of the vehicle as well. There is a key starter for security, although a bicyle chain is probably wise to carry to secure these relatively lightweight vehicles which any strong man could probably lift. These vehicles could probably be mounted on a rack of a truck for transportation as well.

Power is supplied a powerful 290 rpm electric motor powered by 3 12 volt batteries for 36 volts of power. The vehicles can even be operated in rainy conditions because the motor and electrical parts are sealed and protected. A chain drive is used. And with the added feature of pedal power, these are a street legal electrically assisted bicycle in virtually any American city, and these vehicles can be used virtually anywhere with no license or insurance required unlike most other vehicles on the road, especially gas powered ones.

With their range of up to 37 miles on a single charge, these green zero pollution vehicles might just be an answer to the high pollution in congested cities. These well built and low priced green vehicles are perfect for little trips to the grocery store, school or work.

West Coast products probably offers the absolute best deal for a 100% green vehicle in America. The price is affordable and the build quality and features of this vehicle make it one of America's best bargains. An excellent green product in every regard.


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