Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Al Sharpton Makes Bigoted Attack On Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith

Only last month, professional troublemaker and loudmouth, Al Sharpton made a major issue out of a bad joke on THE DON IMUS SHOW to ruin the career of this longtime radio host and cost him his $40 million dollar contract with CBS Radio. Now, the shoe is on the other foot with Sharpton who made an ignorant and bigoted remark about the Mormon faith of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, suggesting that he is the one candidate running for president who does not believe in God.

Sharpton rudely referred to Mitt Romney as "the Mormon" in the race for president. And Sharpton further referred that others who believe in God would defeat Romney. For anyone who claims to be a minister of God, it is simply outrageous to suggest that Mormons do not believe in God.

Instead of offering an apology for his bigoted outburst, Sharpton tried to futher blame the victim of his remarks, Mitt Romney. Sharpton even lied and claimed that he his remarks were somehow "taken out of context"by others.

McDonald's Corporation is the main sponsor of Al Sharpton's radio show. It is a safe bet more than few persons will be contacting McDonald's for supporting Sharpton and speaking their mind on his bigoted remarks.


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