Thursday, April 19, 2007

"The Long National Nightmare Is Over"; Sanjaya Voted Off AMERICAN IDOL

For many the famous postWatergate words of President Gerald Ford have never ringed more true. Yet the Sanjaya phenomenon on AMERICA IDOL provided endless material for comics, laughs from the public, as well as no doubt spurred more interest in the program.

For whatever Sanjaya lacked in the way of talent, which was indeed considerable, he seemed to make up for in the way of showmanship and reinvention of himself each week out with new looks or other gimmicks to pump up his appeal. Sanjaya will actually be missed in a perverse sort of way. He was indeed a far better showman than a performer, which always opens up the possibility of that lucrative contract playing Holiday Inns. "Hey you folks in here from Phoenix. Nice city. I know a litle song about Phoenix, and it goes a little like this...."

If Sanjaya plays his cards right he could become a crummy Las Vegas singer or even land a recording contract. Witness the new wave label, Stiff Records, back in the late 70's who used to round up every kook and weirdo almost like the way Third World nations induct new soldiers by graping young men off the street with a truck, with Stiff giving them a recording contract instead. Ian Dury, Wreckless Eric and others really had just two options in those days, either collecting a disability check or else getting a recording contract from Stiff Records.

For comics, Sanjaya was like a gift that just kept on giving. For the likes of Jay Leno and others, Sanjaya proved himself to be a gift left right on their front porch each day. Leno will no doubt have a sendoff fit for royalty for Sanjaya when he appears tonight on the show. Leno owes him eternal thanks for many great laughs.

But on a serious side, Sanjaya was sort of inspirational. He seemed to better display a famous thought from Rev. Robert Schuller that passion will trump talent every time. And 17 year old Sanjaya displayed plenty of heart and passion regardless if his talent as a singer lagged behind somewhere.

Sanjaya will actually be sorely missed from the competition now. His quirky phenomenon offered not only some some laughs and punchlines for jokes, but also was an inspirational journey as well. God bless you Sanjaya, and good luck finding your way with your unique skills and sense of showmanship.


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