Friday, January 26, 2007

Windows Vista Finally Gets A Tuesday Rollout Date

The long awaited, as well as long delayed, new Windows operating system, Windows Vista, will finally get a Tuesday rollout date. As far back as November the newer replacement for Windows XP, the 2005 operating system has been awaited by many PC users. Like the retiring XP operating system, Vista will have several versions available including Home Basic, Business, Premium and Vista Ultimate. Some companies such as HP will likely offer the Home Basic version with their new computers starting Tuesday, with other versions featured as options to drive the price of units up. HP does offer some good deals on refurbished computers, and after Tueday there may be some good deals available on the existing computers with the old XP system or among the refurbished models.

The new operating system does feature some reported improved reliability and performance features. One of the biggest shortcomings was the growth of some PCs with TV tuners under the older Windows XP Media Center Edition, but some real short comings such as the Sonic Encoder or similiar program software had to be used in order to create DVDs playable on other DVD units other than the computer that the DVD is produced on. In addition the DVDs also were produced not in true stereo, but a sort of double mono sound. Compared to even the old VCRS or stand-alone DVD recorders, this was pretty disappointing. Microsoft certainly could have done far better than this. Whether this marriage of computer and TV technology becomes any better this time around remains to be seen.

Tuesday will become a big day for Windows users, with a host of high expectations, as well as first year new security problems to be nearly certain.


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