Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Something New Wanted In American Politics; No Experience

There's a funny thing about the Barack Obama phenomenon; he is indeed an exciting and electrifying personality. And he brings all of just two years experience in the U.S. Senate with him.

The public will need to answer a question in their minds whether the need to elect someone electric like an Barack Obama, who may just be the African American answer to John Kennedy or Bill Clinton is more right than choosing the experience required to move along foreign policy hotspots in the right direction like the Middle East, Iraq, Iran, North Korea or new hot zones. Foreign policy hotspots, not domestic issues is more than likely to dominate the next administration as well. And a lack of experience on MidEast history allowed for the naive Bush White House hope that they could remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq and hold democratic elections in the region. 3 for 3, the elections in Iraq, Iran and The Palestinian region brought bad leadership into power. In not one single election was the concept of good governing promoted. The region simply was not socially advanced enough to hold elections.

Hillary Clinton brings along more experience than Obama. But her icy cold personality fails to ignite much excitement among many voters. Her husband, Bill could probably be elected for a third term, if not for that nasty constitutional admendment. Al Gore brings in 24 years government experience, but he's not running at all. Joseph Biden probably brings in the best foreign policy details thinking. But his campaign is probably more than dead in the water with an anchor tied to it.

So the issue goes back to whether the public has a compelling need to elect someone they like or even love, or someone really with the experience to do the job. But Barack Obama does inspire an upbeat vision for a better America, and in the grand scheme of things this might just be another trump card of his, and another big advantage. What finally transpires in 2008 is yet to be seen. But Obama is off to a good start. But then again look what happened to Howard Dean.


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