Thursday, January 18, 2007

China Has Successfully Tested AntiSatellite Missile

In a serious new development that opens up the weaponization of space, China has now successfully tested a new medium range "satellite-killer" missile. This breaks the long standing international standards of mutual cooperation among the world community in space. It also opens up this new frontier to the weaponization and an arms race in space. It also signifies a significant new technology for the Chinese military.

The successful test, conducted last Thursday, but only made public by the U.S. government only today after military and intelligence community evaluation of the successful test. China destroyed an aging FY-1C weather satellite on a third attempt with their middle range missile, which is likely either a new weapon or a modification of an existing missile with new tracking and guidance system technology.

The weaponization of space with new weapons to destroy intelligence gathering satellites represents a dangerous new ability for other nations to block verfication of any threats to their nations. China has proven itself to be a constructive member of the community in recent years with a helpful role on North Korea and in providing UN pecekeepers to several of the 15 current peacekeeping mission throughout the world. But any escalation of weapons into space marks a dangerous new area for an expensive and dangerous space arms race.