Friday, November 10, 2006

Democrats Gained Some Vital Leverage In Ohio For 2008

Of all the states in the union, Ohio has become the kingmaker in all modern presidential elections. No modern president has been elected without winning Ohio. Democrats like Carter and Clinton won Ohio and the White House, as have all modern Republicans who have won the presidency. As Ohio goes, then so goes the nation. It is the best political barometer of all.

After 16 years of Republican governors, Democrat Ted Strickland was elected governor. Some analysts believe that a governor can move about three points of voters to their party during a presidential election. Democrat Sherrod Brown also defeated two term Republican Senator Mike Dewine. Democrats gained in the congressional delegation as well. And Democrats gained in statewide offices such as attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer, and while gaining seats in both the statew House and Senate, did fall short of taking over these chambers of government.

Ohio is unlike other big industrial states which are pretty much "blue" states. It is a swing state. But if Democrats can rule effectively in Congress and achieve goals that benefit the average citizen, then their chances in 2008 look pretty good in Ohio based on the 2006 election returns. In the grand scheme of things, Ohio is indeed the kingmaker of all the 49 states. So goes Ohio, so goes the nation.


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