Saturday, October 28, 2006

Comic Gilbert Gottfried Takes Time To Email Halloween Good Wishes To His Fans

One thing that sets great comic Gilbert Gottfried apart from so many other celebrities is that he takes the time to send out greetings to fans on fun holidays such as Halloween. Gottfried is one of the most freindly and accessible celebrities out there, a really great guy. His fan base is very important to him.

Gottried has had a nearly lifelong career as a comic, when he started at just 15 of years of age, reportedly skipping school to get comedy club bookings. Only my own grandfather from Norway did a more outrageous thing, at the age of 11 telling the owners of a large merchant ship that he had the permission of his parents to sail with them, and spending the rest of his life on ships, never seeing his parents in Norway ever again, but eventually becoming a ship's captain. Gilbert Gottfried's devotion to comedy has been just as strong and loyal.

But Gilbert Gottfried has often taken the hands on management approach to his career woth many long and notable achievements. He was a regular on SNL in the 80-81 season. He was a cast member on NIGHT COURT for a time. He's been in many movies including BEVERLY HILLS COP ll, PROBLEM CHILD, and has provided important voice-over work on projects such as DOCTOR DOOLITTLE, REN & STIMPY, and has become the famous voice of the AFLAC DUCK on AFLAC ads. He also does great comedy bits on JAY LENO during a celebrity JEOPARDY! comedy feature that comes up every so often. Gottfried often ad-libs in an outrageous manner and adds some great comdy drama to this bit. His funny ad-libs are almost his most famous trademark besides his distinctive comedy style. On THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW he was absolutely hilarious when he nonstop pressed Hall to answer whether he has sex with Paula Abdul.

On HOWARD STERN's morning comedy show, some funny insights into his life have been aired, including that his apartment was once furnished with cheap folding lawn furniture, and that he is notorious for being very thrifty. When he nearly died a few years ago of a ruptured appendix, he called friends such as Howard Stern to visit, with Stern reportedly asked to bring Gottfriend underware to the hospital, according to Stern.

In the film, THE ARISTOCRATS, Gottfried told perhaps the funniest and dirtiest version of a joke of all the comics featured. Gilbert Gottfried has just come out with a new comedy DVD and CD, in which he can offer comedy material without the censorship constraints of TV. Gilbert runs a website over at which is a great resource for those who cannot just get enough of this very funny and unique comic. For all intents and purposes, Gilbert Gottfried is probably just as good of a comic personality as any of THE THREE STOOGES or any greats of the past. Gottried is a darn good comic, and more of a legend than many actually realize. He's a true comic personality, not just someone who tells a few jokes. A great American treasure.