Sunday, October 22, 2006

SNL Is Absolutely Terrible Without Tina Fey As Head Writer And Many Key Cast Members Who Did Not Return From Last Season

If anything has been proven on the set of SNL this year, it's that the writing is really struggling since head writer Tina Fey departed to start her spinoff program , 30 ROCK, and it only proves what a comic genius she was with great writing instincts. Last night's episode was a typical low in this talent late night standard, but intellectually drained series, when even the great acting skills of guest John C O'Reilly could hardly rescue a laugh from any of the skits.

A series of disturbing "OREO" skits featuring O'Reilly, was far more an unsettling execise in dwelling on a deeply dysfunctional family in great need of professional help than any cause for comedy. Only the "Harpoon Man" skit offered a small laugh as actor O'Reilly played a whaler character acting out on city streets to a tune that reminded one of the 70's SHAFT theme. But even this was spoiled by a lack of comic instinct and writing intelligence skill, and like nearly every skit on the show, quickly failed. The problem with this group of writers, compared to the brilliant Tina Fey, is that even if they have a brilliant idea, the writers simply lack he skill level to make an entire three to 5 minute skit a success.

And the acting pool drain from SNL this year is devastating as well. Gone is the wonderful Rachel Dratch, so able to successfully create some excellent goofy characters, and one of the best female players yet on SNL. Horatio Sanz was a very good Hispanic actor, not totally unlike John Belushi in some regards. Even Chris Parnell, the once fired, once rehired cast member was able to launch a few effect rap music type comedy pieces that were memorable. Now only Amy Poehler, impressionist Darrell Hammond, and the talented Maya Rudolph inspire much of an impression of great talent among the remaining cast members of mainly replaceable personalities. Some like Andy Samberg only seem to be there because he reminds the audience of a fifth rate Adam Sandler.

Meanwhile Tina Fey is still campaigning for viewers on the talk shows for her ratings soft, but not too bad, 30 ROCK, by hitting ELLEN this week. But if anything, Tina Fey proved that SNL did not have the pool of writing and acting talent to divide SNL into two shows. Tina Fay was one of the strongest assets to SNL ever. She needed to stay there. Likely 30 ROCK will not even finish the season. Then it will be up to Tina Fay to go back and rescue SNL as a late night comedy institution if she really cares about the program and make the best use of her talents. SNL certainly needs the help this season.


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