Thursday, October 26, 2006

Donald Rumsfeld Holds Testy News Conference

In a third day of obviously politically moltivated nonsense news conferences on Iraq, Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld held what was supposed to be an opportunity for reporters to ask questions about the Bush Administration's claimed "breakthrough" with the Iraqi government. And as expected Rumsfeld refused to offer even the most most vague of details, because no such "breakthrough" with the Iraqi government even exists, it's just a publicity stunt before the election.

The Bush Administration is certainly asking a great deal of the American public to return his party to control of Congress, when under Republican rule since 1994 many Congressmen now only work about two days a week, have pocketed many pay increases, and lobbyists now outnumber Congresspersons by a 60 to 1 margin. It is also this Congress that has just two children in Iraq, but votes to send other people's children there and stand behind a President who pathologically lies about claimed "progress" of the war at nearly every opportunity. For anyone who uses their head as something other than a hatstand, there is every good intelligent reason to pull the plug on the Bush Administration lies as soon as possible and vote for new leadership at Congress that does more than just vote new tax breaks for big oil companies who are making record profits, and only rubber stamp the Bush record of lies about the Iraq War.


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