Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bush Administration Pulls Real Nonsense On Iraq Days Before The Election

Yesterday in Iraq, the U.S. staged a nonsense military newsconference intended to convey the false impression that some major policy change was agreed to by the Iraqi government to bcrack down on "death squad militias" and set benchmarks for Iraqi control of theor own security, attended only by Gen. Geoege Clark and the American Ambassador to Iraq. Not a single Iraqi government official was in attendance to lend any credibilibity to this foolish staged event. In the middle of this absurd nonevent, stahe only as a desperate event to help lift up sagging GOP hopes for the coming election, the electrical power even failed and the room went dark, only further affirming to the reporters that they were drawn to this nonsense "news conference" for no good reason.

And no doubt with the good advice of Karl Rove, Bush staged another absurd newsconference today to further move along the lies and propaganda from yesterday, and claimed like the liar that most Americans now see him as, how much "progress" were making in Iraq and to answer reporters questions from the claimed major agreement with the Iraqi government.

But like all lies, the truth soon brings the whole mess down. An angry Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki disputed that the Iraqi military or government will be held to any perfomance benchmarks by the Americans, strongly questioning whether the claimed American-Iraqi government major agreement story wasn't a near complete lie by the Bush Administration. Further after an attack on a major militia leaders home that is believed to be one of the death squad leaders, Iraqi Prime Minister was very angry at the U.S. goverenment. According to al-Maliki, this was without the permission or approval of the Iraqi government.

What's emerging couldn't be more clear. Outright lies and phony pree conferences right before the election by the Bush Administration to claim "breakthroughs" or successes that don't even exist. And on the part of the Iraqi government, a defensive government that is filled with many members of Shia militias and protects the systemative murders of Sunni citizens. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki gets his power by the support of the 40 elected members of radical antiU.S. cler Sadr and his violent militia. During the recent war between Israel and Hezbollah, Maliki made it well known his support for the terrorist Hezbollah organization. The election that brought Shiite militia groups into the increased power this past year was trully a disaster for any peace hopes in Iraq. The coalition that supported the moderate secularist Allawi ran a very poor and distant third, and the power of Shiite religious radicals and their Shia militias and death squads were the clear winners.

The U.S. cannot expect any serious partner to rid the country of Shia death squads or to disarm the militias. At some point the Shiite dominated corrupt government will likely ask the U.S. forces to leave so that they can really concentrate on murder and genocide of Sunni citizens, and then the MidEast will really see problems. And Iran is always hanging around and waiting to increase their clout in the region and become a big hero in the radical Muslim world by starting a future nuclear war with Israel. This is the real mess that George Bush Administration has brought on the MidEast, a bunch of dirt ignorant oil men only interested that Iraq has the world's largest supply of undiscovered oil if only it was put under "international supervision" as Paul Wolfowitz had once claimed under testimony to Congress.

There is an old joke where an alcoholic proclaims that, "This bottle cost me my job, wife, family and home. But I'm going to give it one more chance". In a similar way too many in the American public believed in the lies of George Bush, that the MidEast would be more secure and the American public more secure from terrorism if only they trusted in the Republican view of foreign policy. Instead Iraq is firmly in the hands of a corrupt government dominated by Shiite militas and extremists and a lost cause. Afghanistan is failing and the Taliban gaining strength. Iran is encouraged by the American weakness and failure to control either Iraq or Afghanistan and headed down the dangerous road of seeking nuclear weapons for a future nuclear war in the MidEast. And right now North Korea is involved in some very dangerous threats and nuclear ambitions in response to the Bush Administration's failures in the MidEast which displayed weakness on one hand, but also raised North Korea's fear of paranoia of an American attack on the other. All of this could mean a serious war with North Korea very soon if there is just one serious miscalculation. There are some in public that believe that Bush and the Republicans just need one more chance.

One more chance is just about right for a serious world situation to develop given all their inept foreign policy failures in the last six years.


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