Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rumors Exist That U.S. May Topple Iraqi Government After November With A Coup

There are some rumors that are starting to trickle out of Washington and on the internet that the Bush Administration may assist some sort of a coup in Iraq after the American November elections as a sign of lost faith in the Shiite dominated religious parties government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. While the Bush Administration publicly claims what a success their Iraq War policies are, all clear information is to the contrary that the American strategy in Iraq is clearly failing and violence is greatly increasing. A coup would be a last ditch attempt to find a government able to grab a handle on order in Iraq. But for now, most of the 140,000 American forces are in the streets of Baghdad as the police and military are clearly failing to restore order in the capital city. If the capital city falls to complete chaos, then the entire nation clearly will fall. Yesterday a large number of police were taken off of duty due to involvement in the violence in Baghdad.

Despite claims of wanting to promote "democracy" in Iraq, it is now very possible that the U.S. has lost all faith that the al-Maliki government can ever assert order in Iraq. The possibility of a coup to replace the government with one more likely to restore order is entirely possible. This has happeneded once before. On November 2, 1963 , the U.S. was quietly involved behind the scenes in an ARVN generals military coup d'etat effort to replace the first President of the Republic Of Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem.

The Maliki government has also received some stern warning by former Secretary Of State, James Baker and by Democrat Lee Hamilton to restore order to Iraq by years end or else. Maliki burned down much of his American bipartisan support during the recent war between Israel and Hezbollah when Maliki voiced support for Hezbollah. Since this point Maliki started to lose American support. The recent huge upsurge in violence is probably seen as a last straw by the U.S. After the American November elections it will be interesting to see if this expected coup takes place and who the main players will be. But if such a coup takes place in Iraq, it will be yet another shocking turn in this very disappointing war, and this coup still does not promise success or that the majority in Iraq would accept this government as legitimate and not a U.S. puppet government and only worsen the violence.


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