Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Faith Of The Amish

Like many Americans I am deeply impressed by the faith and forgiveness of the Amish in the face of sheer evil as the disturbed gunman killed five of their little daughters. With his back to the TV camera, according to Amish custom, a clearly grieving grandfather who lost two little daughters, offering full forgiveness to the gunman. Other Amish expressed forgiveness to the gunman's parents and offered complete goodwill. This type of true and geniune Christian faith is very impressive. It is so much like the heart and nature of Jesus. It certainly contrasts against some who call themselves Christian and make themselves millionaire TV preachers or others who claim to be Christian, but preach nothing but a message of hate against homosexuals or others. Indeed the Bible does tell us that the true path to God is narrow, most follow the wrong wide path of false religion. Indeed the Amish do appear to be the right narrow road of faith and are impressing a modern secular world embroiled in rudeness and rotten ethics that some people of faith are finding an anchor in solid Biblical values even when sheer evil touches their peaceful lives.


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