Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bush Administration Beats Down Working People With Outrageous NLRB Ruling

The Bush Administration has packed the National Labor Relations Board with three of five members who are right wing and probig business. Today this right wing packed board made public a ruling issued on September 29 that denies up to 8 million American workers from joining or forming labor unions by redefining their work as that of a "supervisor". Under federal labor laws, supervisors are not allowed to join or form labor unions.

The ruling was originally issued in the case of a group of nirses employed by Oakwod Heathcare Inc., but most likely will apply to as many as 8 million workers who work as nurses, in the building trades, and also in the television or newspaper trades. Thus can deny these workers the job protections, safety protections, good wages, health care benefits and union pensions for retired workers.

The President of the AFL-CIO, John Sweeney has referred to this attack in the working people of America as "outrageous and unjustified", while the far right antiworking people Chamber Of Commerce hailed the decision. For these wealthy, "Captains Of American Industry", it gives them a powerful new tool to beat down working people and weaken labor unions in America. The ultimate goal of the big business community appears to buy a right wing Republican government into power using millions of dollars of attack ads and chip away at wages and unions for working people and increase poverty in America while lining their own pockets with cash.

As more details of this outrageous NLRB ruling become clear, the facts will be posted here , the voice of the working people.


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