Friday, September 29, 2006

Ashton Kutcher Disgraces The Lincoln Memorial

Ashton Kutcher, the young actor who married Demi Moore, an actress 15 years his senior, is making the rounds on talk shows to promote two new movies. Last night on Jay Leno he found a cery unfortunatw way to self-promote. Last night he displayed a photo of himself "mooning" the Lincoln Memorial.

This has to be one of the most disrepectful ways to conduct oneself outside of this important memorial site. It proves a complete ignorance and disrepect the history of this nation. It is completely unacceptable conduct in a memorial that should command a quiet respect for all that it represents.

Abraham Lincoln was most likely the greatest President in the history of the U.S. He was a religious man raised in a log cabin where he taught himself to read the only book in this home, the Bible. This shaped his entire nature of respect for the equality of all men , as well as prayerful respect for God. The accounts of both Moses and Job greatly reflected the great man who would end the immorality of slavery as well as suffer great personal trials and suffering himself, despite being a very good and righteous man. Abraham Lincoln is the only President in American history whose life story so greatly is similar to that of major figures from the Bible. Lincoln was virtually a living American saint.

The Lincoln Memorial was also represents the location for the historic August 28, 1963, "I Have A Dream" speech by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King at the end of the March On Washington For Jobs And Freedom. The memorial represents American values of opposition to slavery and the equality of all men. And while it is not the official burial site of President Lincoln, it certainly deserves all the respect due a burial site.

Some young people know little of the history of America. Many know little of the terrible war that ended slavery or of the great human cost at Gettysburg. Few know little of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King or his similar struggle to end racism in America and achieve fairness for all people. Ashton Kuthcher owed the Lincoln Memorial far more respect than he offered it. Abraham Lincoln, the civil war, the battle to end both slavery and racism, and the greatest speech ever delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King all have a great historic stake in this important monument.


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