Thursday, September 28, 2006

61% Of Iraqis In New Poll Feel That Insurgent Atttacks On Americans Are Justified

A disturbing new poll illustrates just how poisoned the views of those in Iraq are becoming towards American involvement in the the nation. Despite the fact that American troops are likely preventing many sectaraian deaths between Shiites and Sunnis, a big 61% majority think that the violent attacks on Americans are justified. It's not clear whether this means both servicepersons and civilian contractors, but this is a disturbing trend that proves just how widespread the antiU.S. sentiments have become since the flare-up of combat between Israel and Hezbollah.

And two thirds in the poll in Iraq also supported immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces. However a rumor is beginning to quietly circulate in Washington that after the election, U.S. troop levels will be increased by 50,000. Mr. Bush and the Republicans don't want to pay a political cost now. And even though Mr. Bush has known since April that there were 20,000 Al Qaeda members before the Iraq War in 2003, there are now 50,000 worldwide and more radical groups with similar views. Mr. Bush has falsely proclaimed for months that the War On Terrorism is being won thanks to the Republicans, although a sharp increase in both terrorism and radicalism is growing in strength since the start of the 2003 Iraq War.

This week the Bush Administration declassified just a four page summary of a 30 page intelligence report culled from 16 agencies about Iraq and terrorism. But some charge this is merely a "cherry picked" summary. Congress this week approved another $70 billion for this war and Americans provide their loved ones for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Administration could merely blank out the information dealing with sources to protect their identity, and then release a fuller report if they really wanted to. Congress and the American people are owed this. Both have the right to know of this policy is going in the right direction or not. The Bush White House should stop playing politics with such important policy.


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