Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ron Saxton's Relative And A Former Law Partner Claim Saxton Lacks Leadership Qualities To Be Governor Of Oregon

yxAs a major embarrassment to Oregon Republican candidate for Governor, an older cousin has posted comments on that strongly questions his leadership qualities to be Governor of Oregon. And as a futher blow, a former law partner of Saxton at Lindsay Hart Law Firm at a blog established on KGW after last night's Governor's debate also disputed any real leadership qualities of Saxton. So a relative who well knows Saxton and a former law partner both have strong questions about the leadership qualities of the Republican candidate for Governor of Oregon. This is very damaging.

Last night in a televised debate on KGW TV, Gov. Ted Kulongoski also pointed out that Saxton hired immigrant workers at his cherry farm, yet Saxton still fails to level with the voters of Oregon whether he hired illegal aliens against federal law. Not being formally caught up by federal authorities in an illegal immigration raid is a very thin line for Saxton to create an impression of no wrongdoing among Oregon voters in his hiring practices at his cherry farm business. Saxton further compounds his problems with this issue by a recent speech at the Portland City Club opposing tougher laws against employers who violate federal law and hire illegal alien workers. Saxyon also creates an image for himself not unlike that of the ugly slaveholders who fail to pay decent wages to migrant workers and uses these persons in a racist manner to rail against illegal immigration in his corporate paid TV ads, while creating the impression a hypocrite and racist on the issue.

Saxton's very thin experience at any role of leadership comes at a mostly failed four years as head of the Portland School Board in which he requested three financial bailouts for the Portland School District. Saxton also burnt up $1million on administration costs rather than providing schoolbooks or other needs, and even gave a $250,000 "golden parachute" to failed school administrator Ben Canada who quickly left Saxton's school administration for other opportunities.

At the current law firm of Saxton, the clients have been largely big corporations such as the German drug firm Merck and Pfizer. Some of these big pharmaceutical companies have faced significant consumer lawsuits over injuries, yet Saxton's lawfirm has represented the big companies and not the consumers. Saxton also opposes increases in the minimum wage and appears to be something of "Scroogelike" tightwad when it comes to working people, but spends money lke water with administration costs like he did with the Portland School Board when it's not his own.

Saxton also displays the spine of a jellyfish when it comes to standing up to the big tobacco lobby. Saxton opposes a proposed 50 cent a pack tax on cigarettes to help fund health insurance for the as many as 177,00 Oregon children who have no health insurance. Saxton's concerns are more in line with big tobacco's fear of lost profits than Oregon's children who are often victims of adults secondhand smoke.

Saxton is now touting the Newhouse papers chain owned Oregonian's endorsement for him last weekend. But the same paper endorsed George Bush before claiming that Bush has the "intelligence " to be President. While not as "Gilliganlike" as George Bush, Saxton still displays enough inept properties and inspires a silly"chipmunklike" impression every time he speaks out. In his latest ad, his wife is doing much of the talking, however she's not the one running for Governor.

Saxton has hired the same smear advetising agencies responsible for both the infamous "Willie Horton" and Swift Boats ads to unfairly tar up the reputation of Democratic Governor Ted Kulogoski whose values were shaped by being raised by nuns in a boy's home, and his military service in the Marine Corps. The Governor has attended the funeral of every service person killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, where every Oregonian's life matters to the Democratic Goverenor. Instead, Saxton's values were set in the racism and dehumization of a family agriculture business where migrant workers were only mere pawns to making big profits, similar to the old time plantation owners who owned slaves.

THE OREGONIAN endorsement claims that "change begins at the top". No actually, government rots from the head down like a dead fish if voters think that the failed leadership of Portland School Board head, Saxton is competant enough to be able to run the entire state government of Oregon. Like George Bush, Saxton is merely another grossly incompetant Republican politician who wants to be elected to some higher office far beyond his ability levels and skills. All the nasty corporate paid ads for Saxton won't make the feet of this"chipmunklike" politician won't reach the pedals when the skills and ability are just not there. Saxton is merely a weak challenger for the office of Governor, way in over his head.


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