Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Big Tobacco Lobby Seeks To Limit AntiSmoking Laws Through Ohio's Issue #4

Big alcohol and tobacco is seeking a constitutional admendment which will gut Cleveland's antismoking regulations and prevent local governments from enacting future curbs on public smoking and secondhand smoke. The American Cancer Society is sponsoring a far wiser Issue #5 that will protect the health of nonsmokers, not the profits of the greedy who profit by poisoning the air quality and causing medical problems and injuries to nonsmokers such as babies, children and adults. Phillip Morris even admits on their own Website that cigarettes are responsible for SIDS in small babies on hand, but on the other hand the big tobacco lobby seeks to put the 3,000 or more poisons of secondhand cigarette smoke into the air that we have to breath.

One harmful substance is cadmium. This extremely poisonous chemical destroys the kidneys and lungs and is the same substance found in automobile batteries. This chemical is so harmful that EPA regulations have been seeking to remove it from household batteries, yet cigarette smokers and tobacco companies have been given special rights to poison the air.

Former Vice President Al Gore has even cited evidence that some of the 3,000 poisons in cigarettes are responsible for environmental damage and global warming. But once again, this big buck industry has been given special rights to destroy the environment.

Hopefully voters in Ohio will do the right thing and protect the public health as the American Cancer Society seeks, and sharply rebuff the polluters and poisoners of the environment.


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