Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wealthy Texas Homebuilder Hopes To Rescue The Republican Congress With Last Minute Smear Ads

Wealthy Texas homebuilder, Bob Perry, is launching an almost one man effort to rescue the Republican majority in Congress with last minute attack ads from a shadowy organization called The Economic Freedom Fund. Perry has contributed $5 million of his own money to this cause, and was responsible for the smear efforts of Swift Boats Vets to ruin John Kerry in 2004.

The Economic Freedom Fund is centered in Sacramento, California and the organization's attorney is California Republican Party General Counsel, Charles H. Bell, Jr. according to FEC records. The shadowy 527 attack organization is targeting what it believes to be vulnerable Democrats in Congress from Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, West Virginia and Oregon.

The ads run in Oregon target Democrat Darlene Hooley with unfair misrepresentations of raiding Social Security funds, voting for the "bridge to nowhere", and voting for government benefits for illegal aliens. The problem is that a majority of both Republicans and Democrats voted for these provisions within massive bills that covered as many as 800 pages. Likely no member of Congress has read the entire text of any of these large spending authorizations or other bills in recent years.

Distortion of some voting records at the last minute is the best hope for the Republicans holding onto Congress, it seems, according to the philosophy of this shadowy 527 organization that really represents very little but the pet financial interests of homebuilder Perry and his handful of wealthy supporters. Perry and the 60 lobbyists for every member of Congress best illustrate why Congress needs to change this November, no stay more the same as a special interest blessing organization.


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