Friday, October 13, 2006

Late Report Verifies Radiation From North Korean Bomb Site

The other day, I offered some speculation that the North Korean "nuclear bomb" test may have been faked due to a far lower than expected quake and the lack of detectable radiation from the site. Now a late report finally comes out that does verify some detectable radiation. It is likely that the test partially failed for some reason, such as the uranium not being pefectly compacted or rounded as required, or the conventional blast needed to compact the atoms together not blowing up uniformly.

Despite a partial failure, the fact that North Korea did indeed test a nuclear device of some sort. This is indeed very alarming because it means rather than North Korea simply bluffing to extort one on one talks and economic rewards from the U.S., that they are indeed headed down the path towards building a nuclear force of weapons at some point. This makes united world community U.N. actions all the more critical to send North Korea a message to begin to behave themselves as a responsible world community member. And although it it is a popular misconception that the erratic Kim Jong-Il is the head of state in North Korea, which he actually is not, still he best represents the unpredictable nature of this militarily dangerous little state of 23.1 million with a 1 million man army.

My best guess about North Korea faking the nuclear test turned out to be wrong in the end. Buy despite their partial failure, this state needs to be taken serious;y as a real problem that could lill up to 1 million persons in the first three days of a conventional war and has the ability to fire 300,000 rockets and cannon shells an hour into South Korea if war would break out. This is indeed serious and certainly deserves full world community attention.


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