Sunday, October 15, 2006

Politicians In Israel Are Facing A Worst Fate Than Their American Counterparts

As bad as things look for Republicans, where just 19% of Americans approve of how they conducted Congress this past session, and only 32% of voters nationwide identify as themselves as Republicans, things could be worse. Oh sure, Representative Bob Ney pleaded guilty to Felony crimes related the jack Abramoff scandal. And Representative Mark Foley resigned in disgrace, and a second openly Gay Republican Congressman, Representative Jim Kolbe is under investigation for a 1996 camping trip with two 17year old male pages and failed REpublican candidate for Congress in Oregon, businessman Craig Schelske, the husband of country singer, Sara Evans, has been implicated in in adultery, seeking women for threesomes on Craig's List, and storing as many as 100 nude pictures of himself often engaged in sex acts with various women, which is interesting for a Christian Right graduate of Pat Robertson's Regency University . But in Israel, things are looking far worse for the government.

The Prime Minister of Israel has lost most public support after the failure to deal Hezbollah a significnt defeat in the recent war with Lebanon, and to gain the release of three Israeli soldiers caputured by Hezbollah and Palestinian militants. But worse yet, the 61 year old President of Israel, Moshe Katsav may be facing rape, sex abuse and public corruption charges. This has to be some of the most serious charges ever brought against a major state figure of any Western nation.

Certainly the Republicans are beginning to look like the spiritually fraudulent Old Testament Pharasises, who falsely made them appear spiritual to the public, but were frauds in the eyes of God. Certainly a party that has championed antiGay marriage attacks and courted the Christian Right "family values"voters is beginning to have their phony curtain rolled back mick like the "Wizard Of Oz". But at least, other than Bob Ney, they are not facing the serious charges that the President of Israel is and having the handcuffs slapped on. But that's hardly much comfort with a steady drip of terrible problems for the Republicans that aren't improving very much and are especially hurtful many demographics of American voters.


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