Friday, October 13, 2006

DANCING WITH THE STARS Contestant, Country Singer Sara Evans Bitter Divorce Brings A Fresh "Family Values" Scandal To Republicans

The bitter divorce saga of country music singer Sara Evans has brought a fresh "family values" scandal to the Republican Party who didn't need another scandal at this critical point only weeks before an important election. Both Sara Evans and her Oregonian husband, Craig Schelske are featured on the CBN website as examples of Christian faith and are known as figures among the Christian right of the Republican Party. In 2002, Craig Schelske was a Republican candidate for Congress in the 5th District in Oregon. On Schelske's campaign website, he claimed that "Family is my highest priority" among issues he intended to champion including prolife issues. Schelske is even a noted graduate of Pat Robertson's Regent University.

Now it turns out that the "family values" that failed Republican candidate for Congress, Craig Schelske actually practiced in his own family according to divorce papers filed by his wife Sara Evans include adultry, running ads on Craig's list seeking sex partners for threesomes, ads seeking women interested in anal sex, at least 100 nude photos of Schelske often engaged in sex with other women on the home computer, and Evans has sought a restraining order against Schelske that is intended to prevent any physical, emotional or verbal abuse.

Ironically, Schelske only recently had a reported verbal outburst against a Gay hairsytlist associated with DANCING WITH THE STARS program, demanding that the "Sodomite "not be allowed to enter the Evans -Schelske home. Publicly Schelske took hard right opinions right in line with the Christian Right of the Republican Party, privately the divorce papers filed by Sara Evans tell the story of an entirely different Craig Schelske than most know of.

For the Evans-Schelske household which is well connected to Republican Party politics, this represents the second major sex scandal since the Mark Foley incident. Today, in another incident of scandal, Republican Congressman Bob Ney pleaded guilty to Felony crime connected with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Some members of the Republican Pary that are absolute moral disgraces are causing great harm to their party only weeks before the election. This will likely only discourage some Republicans from even bothering to vote this November. This Friday the 13th has been especially unlucky for Republicans, bringing fresh examples of corruption and moral failure to remind voters of what they don't like about Republican Party poltical figures. When it rains it pours it seems.


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