Thursday, October 19, 2006

Racist Attempt To Suppress Hispanic Vote Linked To Republican Campaign By California Attorney General's Office

An outrageous threatening letter written in Spanish was sent to thousands of California Hispanics threatening them if they vote with jail time. The real truth is that it is perfectly legal for all naturalized immigrants to cast a vote on elections. Now the California Attorney General's office has traced this outrageous racist vote suppression effort to some sort of Republican effort to aid the Republican opponent of Democratic Congresswoman, Loretta Sanchez.

This represents only the latest racist attempt by the Republican Party to suppress the votes nonWhites in elections. In the 2000 election in Florida, Democrat Al Gore narrowly lost the White House to Gerge Bush, because Bush's brother contracted a private firm to compile a list of felons not allowed to vote, but knowingly refused to spend the funds against the firm's concerns to use Social Security numbers to only exclude just the felons, not thousands of mostly Black voters who had similar names.

It's one thing for Republican organizations to organize "get out the vote" efforts that are mostly superior to that of Democrats, but an entirely dofferent matter for Republicans to assume that because most Blacks or Hispanics may lean Democratic, that underhanded attempts to limit their votes should be done. It's dirty politics like this that most Americans are disgusted with, and this institutionalized racism only prevents many Blacks and Hispanic from considering the Republican Party, which often only looks like a racist White people's party to them, a far cry from the first successful Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who was absolutely devoted to ending slavery and the equality of all men.


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