Friday, October 06, 2006

NBC Pulls The Plug On KIDNAPPED, While CBS Pulls SMITH

Both NBC and CBS had hoped to move some big screen stars to the small screen with KIDNAPPED and SMITH. Instead both have failed and are facing early new season cancellations. NBC's KIDNAPPED failed by trying to cash in on the 24 formula, but with only a crime story episode that would have rated as a great single episode of LAW AND ORDER, instead of being dragged on week after week as a series. I predicted this failure earlier this summer because the formule seemed fatally flawed. Most viewers want to see a crime show wound up tight in a single hour TV episode, and then go on to a new story next week.

NBC will allow the already filmed episodes to be garbage canned to Saturday night, where CELEBRITY COOKING SHOWDOWN and other recent failures have been dumped to at least recoup some production costs, or to allow any viewers who really care a final look at the failed series.

SMITH failed for diffferent reasons, as it was just not the great Ray Liotta TV vehicle that was hoped for. And the viewing aidience may have noticed a little credibility lag as well. Unfortunately the summer previews were far better than the final actual product. It was a rare action drama failure for CBS.


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