Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New York Knicks Point Guard Stephon Marbury Makes A Powerful Point With $14.98 Basketball Shoes

New York Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury has a great interest in both civil rights and poverty issues. This upcoming new NBA season he will be making a strong point by wearing his new line of $14.98 basketball shoes in the games he plays. His shoes are substantial quality, worthy enough to be used in a tough and agressive NBA game. This speaks well for the quality of these shoes despite the very low price.

Poverty unfortunately keeps many families from being able to afford the $100 basketball shoes that way too many NBA greats put their names on. It is highly refreshing that one NBA star has decided that this is immoral and instead is now promotting a line of very affordable $14.98 basketball shoes that should be affordable by nearly any family.

A large portion of democracy deals not with elections, but with the democratic ownership of property. Excessive prices that only enhance the wealthy and keep many goods out of the hands of the poor of America do little just for society. The more that can be done to make the ownership of goods more democratic is a huge benefit for society. Yet at the same time these goods need to be produced as much in the U.S. as possible to offer work to the American people. Little is gained if children in Vietnam make shoes for pennies an hour and live in factories, while millions of Americans cannot find work as more and more manufacturing jobs become exported to labor cheap nations. There needs to be a fair balance of prices and goods made in the U.S. to help provide the poor of the U.S. both the goods for affordable prices and the means to afford these goods through employment opportunities.


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