Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bush Claims That Iraq War Will Only Be A "Comma" In The History Books

Mr. Bush made another especially absurd statement within the last few days that really bothers a person the more that they think about it. Bush claimed that the Iraq War will be only remembered as a "comma" in the history books. Well this "comma" has taken 2,700 American lives so far, and left more than 20,000 wounded. Some of them very seriously and in life changing ways. About 3, 500 Iraqis lose their lives to violence each month including sectarian conflict or terrorism. Maybe 100,000 or more Iraqis have already lost their lives.

And the Iraq War has seriously damaged the financial stability of the U.S. The government of the U.S. is for all intentions and purpose bankrupt and broke. It does not take in as money as is needed to pay it's bills so must sell massive amounts of bonds to foreign creditors. Japan holds $635.3 in U.S. bonds. China holds $327.7 billion. The U.K. holds $201.4 billion. Oil exporter states hold $101.5 billion. South Korea holds $68.9 billion. Yet the U.S. has already spent $500 billion on the Iraq War.

Mr. Bush constantly play the Iraq War for all sides of political exploitation. Some days this war is made into a vital part of the "War On Terrorism" when attempting to boost his party for the November elections, but when the news is bad from Iraq, then Bush claims that this war will be nothing more than a "comma " in the history books. Which day you catch Mr. Bush on is the version of the story that you will get.


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