Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Does Hugo Chavez And The Far Right Have In Common?

Yesterday, it seemed like it was not only wacko Venezuelian President Hugo Chavez who made a real attempt to prove himself as radical, without normal human constraints on his behavior, and downright wacky. Some on the far right made a real good attempt at proving themselves to be just as "hooked up wrong". Yesterday on Polipundit the increasingly far right site that purged itself of immigration issue moderates some weeks ago, and lost some respectable conservative writers such as DJ Drummond and Lorie Byrd in the process, posted a feature attacking Rep. Charles Rangel as a "Marxist" because if he becomes head of the Ways & Means Committee in the House, then he'll roll back the some of the Bush tax cuts for big corporations.

"Marxist"? Marxists support worker ownership of the means of production, etc. This is far different than the former military man, Charles Rangel who may support minor adjustments to the excesses of the Bush giveaways to big oil, big tobacco, and others.

And unlike the classy Rangel, who condemned Chavez for attacking the President in his own home district, over at Polipundit, one shrill poster even declared the site a "Hooson free zone" among other childish or inbred mentality comments when I dared to question just a few of the absurd notions that were put forth. Rangel didn't spend years in the military for enemies of America to attack our way of life in his home district like Chavez. Rangel is right. It's up to the persons living in his district to question their own government, not a enemy from another land.

Rangel proved an important point that some on the lunatic right should take a hint from. You respectfully disagree with others. Not prove your ignorance by absurd and wacko personal attacks like Chavez.

Chavez is diverting attention from the economic reforms he promosed back home in Venezuela by creating conflict with the U.S. This is unfortunately similar to Bush resurrecting the politics of fear once again by raising "War On Terrorism" concerns and his poll numbers by obscuring a rarional debate on real life issues most lokely to impact voters such low wage jobs, high energy costs, plant closings, record trade deficits, record Federal Budget deficits, and other issues of real importance to voters. Never mind that the chances of becoming a terrorist victim here in the U.S. is far less likely than winning the lottery.

Some, but not all Republicans have mastered fear politics to a near art form level. Fear of Osama Bin Laden(whom they have yet to catch 5 years fter 9/11) or gear of an illegal immigrant possiby stealing your laundry off your clothes line as they run past the Southern border of the U.S. to work for a tough low wage job to put food on your table or your lawn.

It would certainly be well if only a few like Hugo Chavez represented shabby politics at it's worst. But unfortunately there are more than a few here in the U.S. who have been taking a page or two from the Hugo Chavez book of low life politics. Only a few of the Republican candidates form offices here in Oregon are waging nasty campaigns for office that raise serious credibility question about themselves more than anything. This is miles from the character of GOP founding father Abraham Lincoln, or even Barry Goldwater, who were best remmbered for their honesty. These folks should remember that if they lose the election, then their return to business or law could be seriously damaged. Who wants to do business with a dishonest lawyer or businessman? "Scorched earth politics" is a terrible notion. Chavez as well as homegrown persons who live by this politically absurd standard should realize this.


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