Saturday, September 16, 2006

Democrats Once Again Allow Themselves To Be Victim To Insincere White House "War On Terrorism" Electioneering

They used to say, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. And once again the Democrats who used to have some hopes of retaking Congress are allowing themselves to fall victim to insincere nonsense "War On Terrorism" rhetoric from the White House. Every year out, like dimestore dummies they fall down to this idiotic nonsense.

In 1960, John Kennedy won a narrow victory by outflanking Vice President Nixon with talk of a "missile gap" to a public worried about national security in a Cold War world. The Democrats fail to take note that the White House claims that Iraq is vital to both MidEast and national security with terrific risks if the mission fails, yet fail to bring up that the White House has no plans to win the Iraq War. The latest Pentagon intelligence report notes that the U.S. military mission in Iraq has only about one third of the needed manpower to contain the insurgency. And corrupt advantaged bidding contract awards to favored military contractors endanger American lives as well. The Democrats have plenty of grounds to call this election year bluff of the White House, but either lack the will or intelligence to do so.

When the Democrats will likely fall short in November of retaking Congress, it will be likely that Howard Dean will be forced out and more pragmatic leaders who know something about how to win an election may finally be allowed to run this party once again.


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