Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back Again

Recently, I've been having major league computer problems. And unlike a few over on the right who brag about giving $10,000 donations to candidates, I'm not made of money. Any real difficulty hits me hard. So these recent computer problems were a real unwelcome surprise. Today I'm back to using a sickly Windows 98 operating system with only about 2Gb of usable hard drive and an old fashioned form of IE that looks like it was either from the Fred Flintstone era or something. But I hope "Ole Betsy" will get me by to post again for a while before she starts to push up the daisys again. If you enjoy this blog you might consider a small Paypal donation to help me out with my problems. But even if you don't care to, then please enjoy this blog anyway, or spend a little time and post a comment, even if you absolutely disagree with my views.

At any rate, crossing my fingers, I'm back until the next computer crisis hits me. Sometimes being a poor ole member of the poorer class hurts.


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