Friday, September 08, 2006

Robert Kennedy, Jr. Will Address Organic Festival

At 7:30 Friday, September 8, 2006, environmentalist, Robert Kennedy, Jr. is set to address an organic festival called Muddy Boots Organic Festival at St. Philip Neri Catholic Church in S.E. Portland, Oregon. Kennedy has fought to keep the New York City water supply clean and protected from pollution, and is a tireless defender of clean water and environmentalism as a founding member of Riverkeepers. Just like his legendary father, Kennedy is an impassioned advocate for what he believes to be right.

The Muddy Boots Organic Festival also continues a growing trend in SouthEast Portland, Oregon of churches welcoming events that celebrate organic living. By hosting this event, the Catholic Church is helping to forge greater mutual respect from people of faith for good stewartship of God's green earth. And another church, Hinson Baptist has been a sponsor of an organic foods farmer's market for the past few seasons. This normally conservative church has helped to create more community respect after hosting some regressive activity such as antiGay community speakers or activity which has angered local progressives.

More and more, it should be hoped that persons of faith and the organic community can merge and gain better respect for one another. It needs to become part of faith for the religious community to respect nature and God's creation and for many in the organic community and environmental community to welcome religious allies to protect the quality of life and the planet.


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