Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin Will Be Greatly Missed

Steve Irwin had to be one of the greatest entertainers and conservationists of all time. Part stunt man, part comic, but all respecting of nature. His unique style helped to foster far greater respect for all animal life. His excited nature could make anyone learn to love even unlovable creatures such as reptiles as another great life form that shares God's earth.

There has never been an entertainer like Steve Irwin before. He was totally unique and fun to watch. His daredevil stunts kept an audience interest while a person learned more about nature. He was a great entertainer and teacher both. It is only fitting that Australia is considering a state funeral for this wonderful man. He was one of the greatest Australians ever, presenting both a daring nature and such a friendly personality.

God bless you Steve Irwin and look after your family. You were a wonderful man who increased respect about God's animal kingdom who share the planet with mankind.


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