Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pakistan Signs "Peace Treaty" With Taliban And Al Qaeda

In an outrageous surrender to world terrorism forces, the government of Pakistan signed a "peace treaty " with Taliban and Al Qaeda forces in the rugged North Waziristan tribal region that gives both Taliban and Al Qaeda elements a free region to operate without Pakistani government military interference. This is a serious surrender to extremist elements who plot violent acts both in Pakistan, Afghanistan and even worldwide. This outrageous agreement even gives back any confiscated arms to Al Qaeda and Taliban forces.

With their history of violence in worldwide terrorist plots, it is absolutely outrageous that Pakistan now gives Osama bin Laden and his extremist followers a region to freely operate without fear of Pakistani government interference. It also makes it far more difficult for NATO forces to bring peace to Afghanistan or for the U.S. to protect it's citizens worldwide from future Al Qaeda plots.

With growing support for extremist fundamentalist Islam in Pakistan and a fear among government officials of being the target of a revolution, uprising or assassination violence, this give-away to Islamic extremism is absolutely outrageous. In Pakistan a new rape law is advancing that requires a woman to produce four male witnesses or she could face adultry charges which could bring about the death penalty for her. This is another huge setback for women's rights as Taliban style Islamic rule becomes more popular in Pakistan and the country becomes a safer haven for Islamic radicalism and terrorism.

Mr. Bush has been offering a contradictory message the last few days claiming that one hand the U.S. is more secure because of Republican rule, yet he claims substantial threats still remain. But the message from Pakistan is that the U.S. ability to hold influence with so-called antiterrorism "partners: such as Pakistan is clearly falling apart. Rather than Bush efforts succeeding, they are clearly failing in critical areas that only promise more world violence. Terrorism is unacceptable political or religious violence. There is simply no place for such activity in a world that should seek peaceful resolution of all disputes.


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