Friday, September 22, 2006

Bad World Leaders Reap Benefits From Creating An International Crisis

It is an unfortunate fact of life that bad world leaders who do little at home reap poplitical benefits by creating an international crisis atomosphere. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejah has failed terriby at any attempt to improve the economy of Oran as he had promised the lower income, and more poorly educated voters who swept him into office. Because of this terrible failure, he created a crisis atomosphere around the nuclear issue or with his outrageous claims that the Holocaust was a fraud.

Similarly, leftist Venezuelian President Hugo Chavez promised socialistic redistribution of wealth to the poor of his nation, but has largely failed to undertake such efforts. Instead of a sincere challenge to the economic inequity that prevades so many South American economies. Chavez instead invloves himself in near nonstop efforts to stir up antiAmerican sentiments blaming the U.S. for every problem that he has miserably failed to solve for his country as he had promised. Making the U.S. a target of blame, the oil rich economy of Venezuela fails to touch most lives in this nation us a complete absurdity.

And last, but certainly not least, President Bush is resurrecting vague terrorism fears in an effort to propel his party to re-election, although many in his party have miserably failed to govern honestly and not get caught up in the big money lobbyist culture or corruption or rule for the interests of the average person. Perhaps the biggest absurdity is this Administration that has no effective plan for winning the war in Iraq, claiming how vital Iraq is to the "War On Terrorism". Like another tired repeat play from Karl Rove, the hope of this election, just like 2002 and 2004, is to raise vague public paranoia fears of terrorism, and refuse to answer all the failures on nearly all other issues.

The worst world leaders do indeed benefit from creating an international crisis atomosphere to cloak all their terrible leadership failures.


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