Tuesday, August 08, 2006

White House Celebrates Year Old "Energy Policy", Calling It "A Great Day"

Energy Secretary, Samuel Bodman today celebrated the one year old White House "Energy Policy", calling it " a great day". Instead of providing any needed relief of pump prices or energy independence for the U.S., gas pump prices are up a full 30% since this "Energy Policy" went into effect. Big companies such as Exxon are posting record profits such as their latest report of $10 billion dollars, which if the dollar bills would stacked on top of each other could reach to the moon and back twice.

The White House plan offered millions in tax breaks and other "incentives" to the oil industry. But so far no discernable increase in oil supply and only huge price increases have seemed to result since this policy took effect.

Like so many other White House policies, the "Energy Policy" is little more than another givaway to megabusiness while the consumer is left on the short end.

While the White House may be all smiles and want to crack open the cigars and drinks and celebrate, motorists are only left with higher and higher gas prices while the big oil companies profits only grow. This is only another example of the class war against the working class by the wealthy interests who puppeteer and control the White House.


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