Friday, August 04, 2006

Ocelots Sink Into Near Extinction

During the 1950's and 60's, a wild cat known as the ocelot became fashionable to own. On the weekly private eye program, HONEY WEST, the character played by actress Anne Francis was known as much for her tight fitting black jumpsuits and gun as her wild looking pet ocelot. But today as few as 70 exist alive in the U.S. by one estimate. These cats were killed to make $40,000 coats or other items for the wealthy.

These cats are about twice the size of a large housecat and very exotic looking. But these cats which could be none as very playful and affectionate friends that only sold for around $800.oo as a pet soon found themselves being depleted to satisfy a greedy trade in furs.

God has entrusted mankind as the steward of his earth. Instead they pollute the air with unreasonable poisons and kill off his animals to make shoes, belts and coats. The poor ocelot is an example of a great pet that is now nearly extinct thanks to mankind being a poor guardian of the earth. In the Bible, God has offered that a lifetime is to be 120 years. But through poisonous air pollution, smoking, drinking, drug abuse, automobile exhaust, food additives, pesticides, violence, war and other evils man has managed to cut this lifespan down by a full one third or more. Way to go mankind.

Maybe global warming is yet another sign of the earth spitting out mankind for all his ignorant abuses off the planet and a gross failure to respect God's wonderful creation. It would be very difficult to imagine the Biblical Adam and Eve spending their day in parasdise making clothing out of their animal pals, smoking or putting their animals on a barbeque spit, or standing around drinking themselves into a drunken stupor. Somehow much of modrn modern man has lost all common sense and respect for his environment and himself.

Vested interests love to argue whether global warming or other conditions exist, while storms and earthquakes only grow, the likely victim of mankind's impact on his earth. Mankind prefers to trash his environment and then live in it. Mankind loves to disrespect the air quality and a healthy world to raise children. And when he doesn't do that, then he dreams up new wars to kill women and children. It is surprising that God just doesn't crush us out in disgust someday for all our shortcomings. We certainly are living on far more grace from God than we care to realize. The near extinction of the wonderful ocelot is a good example of mankind's recklessness and greed bringing a beautiful animal to the near breaking point of total extinction.


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